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Fairy tales, Fables, Myths, Legends & Tall Tales: what's the difference? 
Folklore, or "traditional literature" are stories passed down verbally from generation to generation.
There are many different types of folklore. Many titles can belong in more than one category. Explore the lists below. Each list has just a few of the many titles we have in our libraries.(Click on the books to go to lists for each genre)

Folk Tales
A folktale is a popular story passed down from the generations in spoken form at first. 
Often the original author is unknown. 


Fairy Tales 
Stories written especially for children, often about magical characters such as elves fairies, goblins and giants, but humans are in them too.jack.jpg

Fables are usually about animals that can talk and act like people, or plants or forces of nature likethunder or wind. They're also passed down from generation to generation and told to teach a lesson about something.

A myth gives a religious or symbolic explanation for how the world began and is run,and often involve supernatural heroes or gods.illustrated.jpg

Legends are about people and their actions or deeds. They could be based on people that really lived and are mentioned in history, like Johnny Appleseed.There is usually an element of truth to them. The stories are told for a purpose and are based on facts, but they are not completely truerobinhood.jpg

Tall Tales
A Tall Tale is a story with unbelievable elements. The heroes in tall tales are "larger than life." Tall Tales and 'Legends are similar, but Tall Tales are usually more outrageous, and many of them have no true element in them.

Trickster Tales
A Trickster Tales is a story in which one character tricks another and that teaches a moral or lesson.coyote.jpg

Origin stories ~ "Pourquoi" Stories
An Origin, or "How & why" story is a folktale that explains how or why something in the world is the way it is. 

worldoftales.jpgA website for reading folktales from around the world online

external image mandl_header.gifHere is a site featuring the differences between myths, legends and folktales,