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About habitats: Wetlands, by Cathryn Sill (East)
About habitats: Deserts, by Cathryn Sill (East)
About habitats: mountains, by Cathryn Sill (East)
Animal habitats! : learning about North American animals & plants through art, science & creative play, by Judy Press (Chapin)
Crinkleroots guide to knowing animal habitats, by Jim Arnosky (Chapin, East)
A desert habitat, by Kelley MacAuley (Chapin)
A forest habitat, by Bobbie Kalman (Chapin)
A grassland habitat, by Kelley MacAuley (Chapin)
A rainforest habitat, by Molly Aloian (Chapin)
Gone wild: an endangered animal alphabet, by David McLimans (Chapin, East)
I see a kookaburra! Discovering animal habitats around the world, by Steve Jenkins (Chapin)
Parrotfish and sunken ships: exploring a coral reef, by Jim Arnosky (East)
Near one cattail: turtles, logs and leaping frogs, by Anthony D. Fredericks (Chapin)
Around one cactus : owls, bats, and leaping rats, by Anthony D. Fredericks (Chapin)
Wildlife atlas: a complete guide to animals and their habitats (Chapin, East)
Around the world: who's been there?A teacher travels around the world viewing animals in their natural habitats and writes back to her class about her findings.
Nat Geo wild animal atlas : Earth's astonishing animals and where they live (East)
Nest, nook & cranny : poems, by Susan Blackaby (Chapin)From tongue-in-cheek sonnets to lyrical free verse, the poems explore the many kinds of homes animals make for themselves.
What's the difference? : an endangered animal subtraction story, by Suzanne Slade (Chapin)