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Hot city, by Barbara Joosse

Mimi and her little brother Joe escape from home and the city's summer heat to read and dream about princesses and dinosaurs in the cool, quiet library. (Chapin, East, Vets)

Time of wonder, by Robert McCloskey
A summer on an island off the coast of Maine is described through the simple everyday experiences of two children. (Chapin, Vets)

How do you know it's summer? by Allan Fowler
Presents such signs of summer as heat, playtime, thunderstorms, growing, and fun. (Chapin, East)

Heat wave, by Eileen Spinelliheatwave.jpgAbigail, Ralphie, and the other citizens of Lumberville struggle to endure a week-long heat wave. (Chapin, East, Vets)

No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks, by Diane De Groat
Gilbert and his first-grade classmates are nervous about their performance on the last day of school, curious about the awards they will receive, sad to be leaving their teacher, and excited about summer vacation. (Chapin)

Summer, by Ann Herriges
Introduces the weather, plants, and animals seen in the summer. (East)

Bluebird summer, by Deborah Hopkinson
Gramps's farm isn't the same after Grandma's gone, but slowly Mags and Cody work to recreate her spirit by bringing back some of the things she loved. (Chapin, East, Vets)

Flotsam, by David Wiesner
In this wordless picture book, a young boy discovers a camera on the beach, develops the film and finds with his microscope many layers of pictures within the photographs. (Chapin, Vets)

A couple of boys have the best week ever, by Marla Frazee

Friends James and Eamon enjoy a wonderful week at the home of Eamon's grandparents during summer vacation. (Chapin, East)

Beach day, by Karen Roosa
Rhyming text describes a perfect day at the beach, complete with sandy knees, deviled eggs, and a castle with a moat.(East)

All the world, by Liz Garton Scanlon


Pictures and rhyming text celebrate a family's day spent going to the beach, shopping at the market, eating at a restaurant and spending the evening with the rest of the extended family. (East)

The sand castle contest, by Robert Munsch
When the judges think that Matthew's sand house is real, he has to prove to them that it is just a big pile of sand so he can win the ice cream grand prize. (Chapin)

Heat wave!, by Helen Ketteman

A terrible Heat Wave descends upon a farm, turning the corn to popcorn and almost cooking the cows, but the girl of the family saves the day. (Chapin)