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The Solar System

Solar System

Boy were we wrong about the solar system!, by Kathleen Kudlinski (Chapin)
Everything space: blast off for a universe of photos, facts, and fun, by Helaine Becker
Exploring our solar system, by Sally Ride (Chapin)

The Magic school bus lost in the solar system, by Joanna Cole (East)

The planets in our solar system, by Franklin Bramley (East, Chapin)
Pluto: from planet to dwarf, by Elaine Landau
Postcard from Pluto: a tour of the solar system, by Loreen Leedy
Stars & planets, by Carol Stott 
Where do I live? by Ben Chesanow
Where is our Solar System? by Stephanie Sabol
You are the first kid on mars, by Patrick o'brien

The Sun and the Planets
At Home Astronomy

Hubble Site Reference Desk

Interactive Tour of the Solar System 

Windows to the Universe