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The Water Cycle

                                                Water Cycle

A cool drink of water~ Barbara Kerley (C)
"Gorgeous full-page illustrations and minimal text give global perspective to the idea that water is basic to all human life... Enjoyable to browse and a stunning introduction to a unit on water."
~ School Library Journal

Re-cycles~ Michael Elson Ross (C, E, V)

Children learn the natural cycles of soil and water as well as the human-assisted one of composting. Soft, full-page watercolor illustrations lend a glow to the gentle text, which guides readers through the birth, life, death, and reuse of an oak tree as well as the travels of a drop of water.


All the water in the world~ George Ella Lyon (C, E)

"Lots of picture books introduce young children to the water cycle, but few have such an infectious beat and eye-catching illustrations as this title, which begs to be read aloud." ~ Booklist

Hydrology the study of water
~ Christine Taylor-Butler (C)
Examines how hydrologists study weather patterns and the shape of the land to predict how water will move around Earth, and how they use the knowledge to build dams, levees, and irrigation systems.

Our world of water: children and water around the world~ Beatrice Hollyer (C, V)

children from six countries--the U.S., Peru, Mauritania, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Tajikistan--describe their daily use of water, including drinking, cooking, bathing, farming, and playing. ~ Horn Book

One well: the story of water on earth~ Rochelle Strauss (C, V)

"Without water, nothing can survive." The urgent conservation message in this clear, handsome, oversize picture book is rooted in the idea of One Well, the fact that all "water on Earth is connected," and that "the water you drank today may have rained down on the Amazon rainforest five years ago." ~ Booklist

A drop of water: a book of science and wonder 
~ Walter Wick

"Something as simple as a drop of water hardly seems the stuff of extraordinary science. Yet exceptional photography from Wick shows fundamental science experiments in a fresh light." ~ Kirkus Reviews

Rain drops roll, by April Pulley Sayre

"This first-rate book highlights the beauty and wonder of rain—a seemingly commonplace occurrence—and shows its effects upon the rest of the natural world. In general but lyrical terms, the work explains what raindrops do ("Raindrops settle. They slip. They dot.")." ~ School Library Journal

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Rivers of sunlight: how the sun moves water around the earth~ Molly Bang
"This work could easily be used as a mentor text to study how words and visuals work together. It ends with a gentle plea for readers to care for the earth's waters. VERDICT An outstanding choice for introducing young children to the water cycle. This is a book to return to many times."~ School Library Journal

The snowflake: a water cycle story ~ Neil Waldman

"This beautifully illustrated picture book follows a single droplet of water as it moves and changes throughout one year. With a double-page spread for each month, the story traces the droplet's journey from snowflake to mountain pond to underground stream to river to irrigation system to cloud to reservoir to city water system to bathroom sink to drain pipe to cloud and back to snowflake."~ Booklist

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Water is water: a book about the water cycle, ~ Miranda Paul

"Paul's introduction to the water cycle includes more information that will help extend learning. She provides examples of the water content of various living things and stresses Earth's limited supply of fresh water. The author ties explanations of processes such as evaporation and condensation to pages of the text. VERDICT A first-rate introduction to the water cycle for young readers."~ School Library Journal

What makes it rain? : the story of a raindrop ~ Keith Brandt

Follows the journey of a raindrop through the water cycle and briefly describes the characteristics and importance of water. 

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The secret of water : for the children of the world ~ Masaru Emoto
Presents an accessible and environmentally friendly introduction to water, its uses, and its importance for young readers, in a guide that invites children and their families to learn about the connection between water and living things through a series of experiments.

Water can be... ~ Laurie Purdie Salas
This luminous picture book offers a series of brief phrases illustrating some of the roles that water plays on earth. "Water can be a . . . Tadpole hatcher / Picture catcher / Otter feeder / Downhill speeder / Garden soaker / Valley cloaker / Thirst quencher / Kid drencher." Like its predecessor, A Leaf Can Be . . . (2012), this picture book explores an aspect of the natural world in a way that is imaginative but ultimately informative. A fine choice for reading aloud in the classroom or at home. ~ Booklist

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