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Someday a tree, by Eve Bunting
A young girl, her parents, and their neighbors try to save an old oak tree that has been poisoned by pollution. (Chapin, East)

We planted a tree, by Diane Muldrow
Simple text reveals the benefits of planting a single tree, both to those who see it grow and to the world as a whole. (East)

The giving tree, by Shel Silverstein

A young boy grows to manhood and old age experiencing the love and generosity of a tree which gives to him without thought of return

The family tree, by David Mcphail
In the 1800s, a man clearing land in a beautiful forest to build a home leaves one special tree, but many years later the tree is in trouble, and the man's great-great grandson enlists a host of animal friends to try to save it. (East)

Old elm speaks: tree poems, by Kristine O'Connell Georgeoldelmspeaks.jpgA collection of short, simple poems which present images relating to trees in various circumstances and throughoutthe seasons. (Chapin, East)

The tremendous tree book, by Barbara Brennertremendoustree.jpgCelebrates the tree, one of the most useful plants on Earth. (Chapin, East)

Ten tall oak trees, by Richard Evans
Over a period of time, a stand of ten oak trees is cut down one by one, until there are none. (Chapin, East)

This tree counts!, by Alison Formento
Before they begin planting new trees, Mr. Tate tells his students to listen closely as the lone tree behind their schoolcounts out ten ways it serves the needs of different animals. (East)

The big tree, by Bruce Hiscock
Follows the development of a large old maple tree from its growth from a seed during the AmericanRevolution to its maturity in the late twentieth century. (Chapin, East)

Our tree named Steve, by Alan Zweibel
In a letter to his children, a father recalls the memories of the role Steve, the tree in their front yard, has played in their lives (East)

A possible tree, by Daniel San Souci
A crooked fir tree keeps several animals safe from harm. (Chapin, East)

Redwoods, by Jason Chin
Offers general information about redwood trees such as height, how the bark protect them from fires, averageage, and the types of plant and animal life that live in them. (Chapin)

Stuck, by Oliver Jeffers

When Floyd's kitr gets stuck in a tree, he tries to knock it down with increasingly larger and more outrageous items. (East, Chapin)

Who would like a Christmas tree?, by Ellen Bryan Obed
Describes the flora and fauna that inhabit a Christmas tree farm throughout the year and use the growing trees for a variety of purposes. Includes section on how the farmer takes care of the farm through the year. (Chapin, East)

A tree in the forest, by Jan Thornhill
Presents the life story of a 200-yearold maple tree. (Chapin, East)

The grandad tree, by Trish Cooke
The changing nature of their apple tree, as it grows and goes through the seasons, reminds Leigh and Vin of their grandfather,who is gone but lives on in their memories.(Chapin, East)

Outside & inside trees, by Sandra Markle
Discusses various parts of trees and their functions, including the bark, sapwood tubes, roots, and leaves. (Chapin)

The blossom on the bough: a book of trees, by Anna Ophelia Dowden

Discusses the importance of forests, the parts and cycles of trees, the functions of flowers and fruits, the distinctive features of conifers, and the forest regions in the United States. (Chapin)