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Anti-bullying Resources



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Picture books:

My secret bully, by Trudy Ludwig


Sixth-grade friends Lyla and Jamie, both new to their school, stand up for each other when a clique of popular girls bullies them online. (Chapin)

Bullies never win, by Margery Cuyler

First-grader Jessica worries about everything Brenda the bully might tease her about, until the day she has hadenough and discovers a new way to deal with Brenda. (East)
Chrysanthemum, by Kevin Henkes
Chrysanthemum loves her name... until she starts going to school and the other children make fun of it. (Chapin, East)
The brand new kid, by Katie Couric


Lazlo, who just moved to the United States for Hungary, is ostracized at school until two girls have the courage to befriend him. (Chapin)

Bully, by Laura Vaccaro Seeger
A little bull discovers he has been a big bully. (Chapin, East)

King of the playground, by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
With his dad's help, Kevin overcomes his fear of the "king of the playground" who has threatened to tie him to the slide, put him in a deep hole, or put him in a cage with bears. 

Friends (Mostly), by Barbara Joose
Henry and Ruby are best friends forever, even if they don't always get along. (East)

Hazel’s amazing mother, by Rosemary Wells
When Hazel and her beloved doll Eleanor are set upon by bullies, Hazel's mother comes to the rescue in a surprising way. (Chapin, East)

Just kidding, by Trudy Ludwig
With help from his father, older brother, and teacher, D.J. learns how to handle a classmate who claims that hismean-spirited "teasing" is just a joke. (Chapin)
Willow finds a way, by Lana Button
Invited to Kristabelle's birthday party with her entire class, young Willow is dismayed when the bossy birthday girl beginscrossing guests off the invitation list if they do anything she doesn't like. (East)

Ordinary Mary's extraordinary deed, by Emily Pearson

A young girl's good deed is multiplied as it is passed on by those who have been touched by the kindness of others. (Chapin, East)
Each kindness, by Jacqueline Woodson

When Ms. Albert teaches a lesson on kindness,Chloe realizes that she and her friends have been wrong in
making fun of new student Maya's shabby clothes, and refusing to play with her. (East, Chapin)

The three bully goats, by Leslie Kimmelman
Billy goat brothers Gruff, Ruff, and Tuff are bullies who rule their meadow, but when they cross Little Ogre's bridgeand are mean to the baby animals on the other side, they are in for a surprise. (East)

Nobody knew what to do: a story about bullying, by Becky Ray McCain
When bullies pick on a boy at school, a classmate is afraid, but decides that he must do something. (Chapin, East)
One, by Kathryn Otoshi
Introduces young readers to numbers, counting, and primary and secondary colors by offering the story of ill-tempered Redwho got toopowerful for his own good and had to be brought down to size by One--a single entity with the courage to stand up for what was right. (East)

One of us, by Peggy Moss
Roberta is welcomed by different groups on her first day at a new school, only to be told she does not fit in with them for some reason,but by the next day, members of each group have begun to see that they do not have to be alike in every way. (Chapin)

Pass it on, by Sophy Henn

Illustrations and rhythmic text encourage the reader to relish and pass along smiles, chuckles and joy. (East)
Our friendship rules, by Peggy Moss 
Alexandra tells one of her best friend Jenny's most important secrets in an effort to be accepted bya cool new girlat school, and then she must try to rescue her friendship with Jenny.(Chapin)

Patrick and the big bully, by Geoffrey Hayes
When Patrick Bear meets a bully on the way to the store, pretending to be a dragon helps him deal with the situation. (East)
Pinky and Rex and the bully, by James Howe
Pinky learns the importance of identity as he defends his favorite color, pink, and his friendship with a girl,Rex, from the neighborhood bully. (Chapin, East)

The recess queen, by Alexis O’Neill
Mean Jean is the biggest bully on the school playground until a new girl arrives andchallenges Jean's status as the recess queen. (Chapin)
Say something, by Peggy Moss
A child who never says anything when other children are being teased or bullied finds herself in their positionone day when jokes are made at her expense and no one speaks up. (Chapin)
Stand tall, Molly Lou Melon, by Patty Lovell
Even when the class bully at her new school makes fun of her, Molly remembers what hergrandmother told her and she feels good about herself. (Chapin)
Stop picking on me: a first look at bullying, by Pat Thomas (Non-fiction)
Explores the difficult issue of bullying in simple terms. (Chapin)

Goggles, by Jack Ezra Keats
Two boys must outsmart the neighborhood bullies before they can enjoy their new treasure, a pair of motorcycle goggles. (Chapin, East)

Chapter books:
My heart is laughing, by Rose lagercrantzAfter her best friend moves away, Dani is trying her best to stay happy, but when some of the girls in Dani's class start bullyiong her, she becomes despondent and her father steps in to help Dani sort out her feelings. (Chapin)

The Loser's club, by Andrew Clements
Alec, a bookworm always in trouble for reading instead of listening and participating in class, starts a book club, solely to have a place to read. and discovers that real life, although messy, can be as exciting as the stories in his favorite books. (Chapin)

A dog on Barkham Street, by M. S. StolzEdward wants a dog more than anything else in the world, except maybe to get rid of the bully of Barkham Street, Martin Hastings. (Chapin)
The field of dogs, by Katherine Paterson
Josh, who has just moved to Vermont with his mother, stepfather, and new baby brother, must deal with the bullying of a neighbor boy and discovers that his dog, whom he hears talking with other dogs, is also facing a bully of his own. (Chapin)
How to be cool in third grade, by Betsy Duffey
When Robbie York is marked as a target by a bully at school, he decides that the only way to survive the third grade is by being cool. (Chapin)
Jake Drake, Bully Buster, by Andrew Clements
Jake Drake must use all of his resources when super-bully Link Baxter is assigned to be his partner for a school project. (Chapin, East)
The new girl, by Meg Cabot
Guided by her rules, nine-year-old Allie works to get past being just the new girl at school, eagerly awaits the arrival of her new kitten, and faces turmoil when her grandmother visits while the family is still settling into their new home. (Chapin)
Roxie and the hooligans, by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Roxie follows her uncle's advice on how to survive a crisis when she becomes stranded on an island with school bulliesand murderous bank robbers. (Chapin, East)
Talent show scaredy-pants, by Abby Klein
Freddy is nervous about the first-grade Grandparent's Day talent show, especially with Max bullying and teasing him,but Freddy's dad has an idea that might make Freddy a star and get Max to back off, too. (Chapin, East)

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