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Presidents Day

Presidents Day
Here are some great picture books, above and beyond the ordinary biography, that feature some of the amazing presidents of our country:

Presidents' Day, by Anne Rockwell

Curious about the White House

Abe's honest words: the life of Abraham Lincoln, by Doreen Rappaport

Rutherford B., who was he? Poems about our presidents, by Marilyn Singer

Looking at Lincoln, by Maira Kalman

Abraham Lincoln remembers, by Ann Turner

Jack's path to courage: the life of John F. Kennedy, by Doreen Rappaport

Abraham Lincoln comes home, by Robert Burleigh

Finding Lincoln, by Ann Malaspina

The brothers Kennedy: John, Robert, Edward, by Kathleen Krull

Don't know much about the presidents, by Kenneth C. Davis

George did it, by Suzanne Tripp Germain

Lives of the presidents: fame, shame (and what the neighbors thought),by Kathleen Krull

The revolutionary John Adams, by Cheryl Harness

So you want to be president? by Judith St. George

Theodore, by Frank Keating

Young John Quincy, by Cheryl Harness

A boy named FDR: how Franklin D. Roosevelt grew up to change America, by Kathleen Krull