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The night fairy

The night fairy
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Flory fighting a Praying Mantis!external image 582d5687-6cdb-476c-8b89-acb022ed11e7.jpg
Flory with her squirrel neighbor:
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Little Flory is a Night Fairy, but her wings are broken after an attack by a bat who mistook her for a moth. She can't fly until they're healed, and decides to live in the daylight, even though the light hurts her eyes and skin. 
No bigger than an acorn, Flory has to adapt to the rhythms of the day, and get along with the forest creatures who live in the light. She makes a home in a cherry tree, inside the birdhouse of a wren, and learns how to find food and make allies.

There is lovely artwork in this book. If you like fairy stories, with beautiful illustrations, this is the book for you! Scroll down to see some of the pictures :Image result for the night fairy illustrations schlitz The "giantess" re-fills the bird feeder in the garden.external image f5b48c75-00ba-4a6b-8b27-318d5d775190.jpgFlory wanders through the trees
Flory rides the hummingbird she saved:
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