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World Cup

World Cup

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 Soccer. No other sport in the world captivates a bigger audience or electrifies its fans like the World Cup. This book comes jam-packed with information about each and every World Cup ever played---and it's just for kids!

Want to know about the biggest surprise defeat of the 1950 tournament?
Curious about what happened to the beautiful World 
Cup trophy when it was in England? Wondering what the term "Total Football" means? You'll find the answers here, along with much, much more, including a bonus chapter on the Women's World Cup and lists of winners, runners-up, and scores of past Cups. And because it all comes from Matt Christopher, young readers know they're getting the best sports writing on the shelf.

Combine Math and soccer. Play here:


Check out World Cup soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo's juggling skill:

Cristiano Ronaldo