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Websites for Parents


Websites that help with reading

Websites that help with math
Reading Rockets
Teaching kids to read and helping those who struggle, this website has a ton of information and ideas.

Math Playground
Help your child learn math skills with these fun games and logic puzzles. Organized by grade level or math skill. Math videos reinforce concepts.
Reading is Fundamental
A great website with wonderful tips to help choose the right books, motivate your child, and help with read alouds.

BBC Math games
This is a great site for reinforcing math games. Even though it's from Britain, and they say Maths instead of Math, everything else with numbers is the same!

Looking for just the right book for your child? This website is a good place to begin. Search by genre, by age group, and there are featured lists for boys and girls. 

Let your child play a game and learn to read at the same time. This is a fun, educational totally free reading game