Books that are good examples of a persuasive argument

Alexander, who is not (do you hear me? I mean it) going to move, by Judith Viorst (Chapin)

Can I have a stegosaurus, Mom? Can I? Please?, by Lois G. Grambling (Chapin)

Can I keep him?, by Steven Kellogg

Click clack moo, cows that type, by Doreen Cronin 

Dear Mrs. LaRue: letters from obedience school, by Mark Teague 

Don't let the pigeon drive the bus!, by Mo Willems 

Earrings!, by Judith Viorst 

The great Kapok tree, by Lynne Cherry 

Hey, little ant, by Phillip Hoose 

I wanna iguana, by Karen Kaufman Orloff 

I wanna new room, by Karen Kaufman Orloff 

LaRue for mayor: letters from the campaign trail, by Mark Teague (Chapin)

My teacher for president, by Kay Winters 

Should we have pets? : a persuasive text, by Sylvia Long (Chapin)

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