Biography Websites


Looking for a fun project to use to present your biography information?Make a Bio-Cube of your information... very cool!


Biographies for Kids
Selected biographies of presidents, inventors, educators, scientists and more. Each biography features afree printable study sheet, online game, worksheet, word search, and crossword puzzle.
The Presidents of the United States of America
List of internal links to each president of the United States. Includes photographs and links to other Web resources
Infoplease Biography
Searches encyclopedias, dictionaris and other resources for basic information.
Research Site about Abraham Lincoln
This is a student-oriented educational Web site about Lincoln's life and family.The web master, a retired American history teacher, answers questions by e-mail

When you are searching the web, it's best NOT to use a big search engine like Google.
However if you click here, you will go to a placewhere Google searches only a few websites that are just right for you:
Google Custom Search for Biographies