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The best information for our students to use is information we can trust. Usually databases are best... and because we are a member of the Massachusetts Library System, we get to use these paid databases for FREE:

Here are Chapin Street Elementary's
full list of electronic resources available
The following are best suited for elementary school students: 
Image result for britannica elementary school
Britannica School: Elementary

Image result for kids infobits
Gale Kid's Infobits

Why not just use Google? 
How can you tell whether the information you find online is true or good? It can be difficult to tell. Go to this website and read about the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus.

INTERNET SEARCHINGIf you ARE searching for information on the Internet, DON'T use Google. Use one of the following search engines. The information found there is better for your age group:

Image result for kiddleKiddle: a kid-friendly search engine by Google